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Rome is the city of Romance,” she said about to head out on another Tinder date.“One guy even paid more than for my cab ride to his apartment and back.” So in the end, you can find a guy in Rome for every kind of date you’d like.You can’t walk anywhere without hearing some guys whistling and yelling “Bella! Maybe it’s because Italians tend to swipe right on basically everyone? Sometimes, only seconds after a match, I received a text like “Hey” or “Hey girl” and they kept replying super fast. If you walk through the city, a lot of guys try to make eye contact or start a conversation. When I opened the Tinder app, matches came in more quickly than in America.by Katie Way Bullshit or not, cuffing season has begun which means that the race to find the hottest person willing to watch 5 hours of Beyond Scared Straight with me is 100 percent on.But the dating scene is exhausting and I'm kind of ready to bow out, you know? by Katie Way The fact that Blake Shelton was named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine is honestly insulting.

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The conversation was not very entertaining as he barely smiled, barely asked any questions and talked about himself most of the time. And yes, I did kind of feel bad about it, but I was just not into a longer night with him and a possible hook up.He was tall, pretty toned and came on his scooter, wearing dark sunglasses (which was kind of sexy).The conversation was easy, he smiled and laughed a lot and actually seemed to be interested.Unfortunately, something you can not avoid in Italian cuisine. Children become wine and food connoisseurs from a young age I wasn’t allowed to drink wine until I was way into my teens and I didn’t start learning to cook properly until then either, but children from Italian families learn this from a lot younger.

Bread and pasta are two ingredients that make up an integral part of Italian meals and subsequently the reason I have gained weight since I met my partner in 2009. Family meals look like this Family meals back home were saved for special occasions or dining out. I always thought my family was large but it is nothing compared to an Italian Family. Probably explains why they have the best wine and food in the world. Special occasions means you have to find the comfiest seat We all love a good excuse to celebrate a special occasion with family.On the first date, I met a guy called Allesandro at a coffee/bar.