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Warmth of the body would be enough, won't let myself go further on, I won't hurt you, honey ;( Trust in me. By the way, I heard Slovenia has got the tallest chimney in Europe, in Trbovljie... And all in all, the nature hasn't played a joke on you, beautiful places everywhere. You're not being asked on that, we talk wherever and whatever we want about.

Why don't you fade away from here if you're not satisfied of our presence? Get a room you two is a phrase used to associate two folks who get so good along with each other that the whole communion of other folks feels out of touch with each other due to their comfort around each other and confidence in themselves.

Its a phrase used to complement partners who can ignore the environment around them and be immersed in each other at any and everytimeno you can't, because that is not looking at the context, that is looking at what is used as the meme, we're talking about age of consent and humans here, also the fact that in life uyears do not neccessarily equal life experience and thus are not limiting, and it's also a freeing phrase used when people with a large age gap fall in love against the norms of society meanwhile that 700000 is important because that is part of a larger number, total number of jews, humans etc, and it's a statistic in a larger event that also impacted the global population and is a fucking genocide, and there is a difference between x amount of ppl dying, or just 2 ppl of age x being in love, see how the number matters in one, but the other the numbers can be pretty much anything?

Well in general being good in school(more university) means you are intelligent.

Now at uni it's nearly impossible because I simply can't study for whatever reason.

“Stay and use Uber, come on, don’t be such a party pooper! It’s unbelievable that in 2017, I’m still ranting about how careless these girls can be. I have said it here before that ever since sponsors, government thieves, county government nouveau riche and Nigerian drug pushers infiltrated the Nairobian dating scene, things have never been the same for ordinary Joes like me. In fact, there is nothing wrong in fleecing a generous or stupid man.

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