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15-Feb-2020 02:41

Defence contractor BAE Systems is set to axe 1,000 British jobs amid a slowdown in orders for Typoon fighter jets, it emerged today.

The firm is set to slash jobs at its Warton plant in Preston, Lancashire, later this week.

Sources said that Brexit was 'not a factor' in the BAE decision.

The company said: 'BAE Systems continually reviews its operations to make sure we are performing as effectively and efficiently as possible, delivering our commitments to existing customers and ensuring we are best placed to secure future business.'If and when there are any changes proposed we are committed to communicating with our employees and their representatives first.' James Mc Grory, Executive Director of Open Britain, said: 'These lay-offs at BAE are terrible news for the local workforce and for the wider British manufacturing sector.

He said then: 'We obviously have to review our (Typhoon) production demand very carefully.'We are confident that we will win further Typhoon orders, what we can't be confident around is the timing.

Yellowstone National Park's caldera has erupted three times in the last 2.1million years and scientists monitoring it say we could be in for another eruption (file picture) They said that the super-volcano underneath the Wyoming park has been rising at a record rate since 2004 - its floor has gone up three inches per year for the last three years alone, the fastest rate since records began in 1923. Smith, professor of geophysics at the University of Utah, who has led a recent study into the volcano, added: ‘Our best evidence is that the crustal magma chamber is filling with molten rock.‘Clearly some deep source of magma feeds Yellowstone, and since Yellowstone has erupted in the recent geological past, we know that there is magma at shallower depths too,’ said Dan Dzurisin, a Yellowstone expert with the U. Geological Survey at Cascades Volcano Observatory in Washington State.

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The Government have prepared draft guidance as to what constitutes “substantial change” in the context of old vehicles.

Critics warned the move was a sign of wider uncertainty caused by Brexit.

Theresa May hosted business leaders at a summit in Downing Street today.

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I built this site because I was looking for big ticket commission programs for my own campaigns and was sorely disappointed by the quality of information I found.Sky News revealed today the announcement would see a 'trimming' of the workforce in other locations around Britain.

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