13 age dating difference years

24-Jan-2020 14:02

My dad on the other hand never approved in the beginning and 4 years later still can't move on and accept it.We are planning a wedding and I feel like I shouldn't even have the people at my wedding come that never supported the relationship after these almost 4 years.I feel like we can connect in so many different levels despite our age difference. It didn't work out because I just wasn't ready for the kind of commitment that he was. The guy I'm currently seeing is about 7 years older than me. My Mama can't wait for me to get to the point where I'm ready to take him home. Then again, she might just want to see who might be able to tame her wild heathen child. If she were 30 and you were 38, I'd have no problem. But I'm sure you're going to torture yourself by going through with it anyway, so good luck.^^My thoughts too!But he was and is a great guy, it was a great experience, and my family recognized all that easily. *smiling*Age is just a number if you're looking for the same things and are at the same point in your lives. The only issue would be that at "20" she likely has way too much living, learning and life experience ahead of her before being able to have a lasting, successful serious relationship. If there is a plastic on the carpet when you meet them, be careful... People have to learn from their experiences though, even the hard way, ha. One of my friens told me a colleague from her work married a 18 years-old girl, while he was 44 or 45.8 years can mean little, but at a certain age it can mean everything!! I think that a 20 year old girl would be much easier to control/dominate than a girl closer to OP's age..could factor in. Now she's 19 or 20 (I don't know) and pregnant, he's 46 now.Chances are not good that it'll work out for you guys in the long run, but give it a chance as you never know. Women mature faster, so she is right at your level as far as maturity goes. And her family was happy that they married, according to what my friend said, despite the 25ish year difference.Are we just making it harder on ourselves by refusing to consider potential partners who are outside our age limits?

Already people tell us that relationships with big age differences never last so I fear that if or once we marry, people will say those things even more.

I know she is frustrated she can't go to bars etc w/ him, and he doesn't seem to understand why she is upset . They're perfectly suited and I never gave the age difference a moments thought.

And let’s just for a moment look at it in reverse, if we’re honest with ourselves. Do I like the thought of licking this man naked or not?… continue reading »

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