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10-Dec-2019 14:41

Jerry Garcia played the Matrix in many odd incarnations from 1968 to 1971, and many interesting tapes circulate.One of the most interesting tapes that has circulated over the years is dated Wednesday, February 19, 1969.Eventually someone played the tape for David Nelson, who explained who really was playing.High Country was a bluegrass band that had formed in late 1968 in Berkeley.

Shubb was a Palo Alto roommate and friend of Garcia's, and an artist who had done some posters for the Carousel Ballroom.As the scene expanded, and the Fillmore and Avalon became major venues, the Matrix became as a hangout as much as a club.Although The Matrix only served beer and pizza, hippies were very much not welcome at many establishments, and in any case it took a while for rock music to become the dominant form of music in San Francisco nightclubs, so the Matrix was the best small place in the City for rock.Although Garcia is plainly audible between songs (discussing what numbers to play, and so on), the tape circulated for many years with constantly incorrect performer information.

Many people including myself thought that it featured Peter Rowan on vocals and David Grisman or Frank Wakefield on mandolin.

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