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That's because visual learners rely primarily on their sense of sight to take in information, understand it, and remember it.If they don't "see" it, they're not able to fully comprehend it.* A visual learner will grasp material more quickly by reading about it such as arithmetic in a math book, watching her teacher solve a sample problem on the black board, or seeing themselves solve the problem with concrete materials. Take notes in class to help you remember things better and for use in studying for tests.Remember how yours discovered their toes and almost every other body part by putting them in their mouth?By the time children reach preschool or kindergarten, many have begun to adopt other learning styles, but some children maintain a strong affinity for physical learning.* A physical learner may need to use blocks, an abacus, or other counting materials to practice a new concept. read while on an exercise bike, mold a piece of clay to learn a new concept, throw a bean bag back and forth)* Work at a standing position.* Chew gum while studying.* Dress up your work space with posters.*If you wish, listen to music while you study* Skim through reading material to get a rough idea what it is about before settling down to read it in detail.* While in class, experiment with ways of moving without disturbing the class; for example, cross your legs and bounce your foot that is off the floor, roll a pencil between your fingers, squeeze a large rubber eraser or doodle on a piece of paper.* Write vocabulary words or terms on an index card and walk around while reviewing or reciting them.* Take frequent notes and write important facts several times while studying.* Try to act out words or events with simple gestures which will aid your recall such as smiling at the word "amiable" or making tight fist for the word "penurious" or "miserly."* Whenever possible, use graphic note-taking methods such as mapping, concept trees or time lines.* Use a highlighter for main ideas and important facts in your textbook or notes.* Try studying in different positions; for example, lying on your back or stomach, and change positions frequently.* Take frequent, short breaks and do something that involves light activity such as getting a drink of water.* Try writing key terms in the air or with your finger on a smooth surface or in the carpet.* Study with background music that isn't too distracting.* Whenever possible, experiment and do your assignments, experiments and projects in an active way. Auditory Learners learn best by hearing or listening.

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Educators have identified two kinds of visual learners: picture learners and print learners.If you ask a print learner if an elephant is gray, the first thing he'll conjure up is the word "elephant," and then he may try to recall what he's seen in a book about the animal.*We believe the picture learners are right brained and possibly Dyslexic as this is a common trait.* Add physical movement or opportunities to touch and feel objects for kinesthetic learners.

Use objects like miniature animals, people or vehicles (sold as math manipulatives in school supplies) to teach math skills such as counting, sorting, addition or subtraction.

We talk constantly about finding ways to reduce the mental energy a Dyslexic student or adult expends when they are doing cognitive tasks.

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