According to carbon 14 dating how old is the iceman

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Much like a modern-day crime scene forensic investigation, the scientists attempted to put together the clues to figure out how Ötzi died, why he was killed, and who killed him.Most of the program consisted of this analysis, and I found it compelling to see how DNA, pollens, blood, and a host of other samples could be used to put the clues together like they were one giant jigsaw.Investigators concluded that Ötzi was probably killed by someone he knew because the arrow’s shaft had been removed, although the arrowhead obviously remained lodged in his back.Whoever killed him also left behind a valuable ax (perhaps to conceal the killer’s identity).Also, because he had a full stomach, Ötzi probably was not on the run or involved in a battle.

They learned that he had blood on the brain when he died, indicating he had suffered blunt force trauma just before his death.

The carbon-dating led scientists to place his death around 5,300 years ago.

Of course, this date would be problematic for biblical creationists since it would mean that he lived prior to the Flood.

This made me cringe since I underwent six of those procedures during my battle with leukemia, and they were quite painful—although obviously not for Ötzi.

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From this material, the researchers isolated some DNA, and they also found evidence of arthritis, atherosclerosis, and Lyme disease.PBS recently aired an intriguing documentary (first aired in 2011) covering an investigation into the death of earth’s oldest cold case.