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28-May-2020 15:17

A couple of drinks out at the bar and a hug that’s kept going for just a second too long. Like, your old friend from high school or that guy who lives down the hall in your dorm?

And with some advice from Julie Spira, best-selling author and the Cyber Dating Expert, and stories from real collegiettes, you can take charge of your flirtationship. “More often than not, it does become a romantic relationship.

“Anyone who is looking for love, is looking for someone who is smart and funny, someone who has a great sense of humor.

It’s like the first phase of what attracts someone to another.” Whatever the reasons are behind the flirtationship, Spira says that there are some common sense boundaries you should never cross, like don’t become too emotionally attached and never keep up a flirtationship with a guy who is in a relationship. But with a flirtationship, you can be single and available.

You can save your weekend nights for clubbing with the girls and splurge on those to-die-for heels you just hadto have. Like any gamble, in a flirtationship, you run the risk of ruining the friendship.

“I've had a few flirtationships, and they were entertaining, but I went too far when I accidentally got into one with my best guy friend,” she says.

“We had previously considered dating, but decided against it because we thought it would damage our friendship.

Or (worst-case scenario) they can fall apart completely, leaving out the idea of a possible relationship and the friendship too awkward to fall back on. It sounds like flirtationships can get emotionally complicated, and they can.

But sometimes, they can be an easygoing alternative to a relationship.If the guy you’re in a flirtationship with had feelings for you, this could cause jealousy between the two of you as friends.

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