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But in the ninth century, subdeacons and acolytes still wore both the planeta and the stole, although, to distinguish them from the deacons, priests, and bishops, there were definite limitations to their use of the latter vestment.After the ninth century the stole is very frequently mentioned, and even then the manner of its use was essentially the same as today.The custom for the priests to wear the stole crossed in front of the breast at Mass was known as early as the Synod of Braga (675), but did not become general until the late Middle Ages .

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It was not until the sixteenth century that it became customary to place a cross in the centre and at the ends of the stole; in the Middle Ages this practice was unusual.Among the Chaldeans ( Nestorians ) the stole of the priest resembles that used in the West, and is, like this, crossed over the breast.