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Upon an incompetent person not having a guardian and confined in any institution for the mentally ill or mentally deficient, by serving the superintendent of the institution or similar official or person having the responsibility for custody of the incompetent person; Incarcerated Person.

Upon an individual incarcerated in any penal institution or detention facility within this state, by serving the individual, except that when the individual to be served is a minor, by serving any one of the following: the father, the mother, the guardian, the individual having care of the minor, or the spouse, if the minor is married, and, if the minor is over the age of twelve (12) years by serving the minor personally; Corporation.

Multiple Defendants; Incomplete Service; Dismissal of Fictitious Defendants. Rule 4.1 Process: Methods of In-State Service Methods of Service.

When there are multiple defendants and the summons (or other document to be served) and the complaint have been served on one or more, but not all, of the defendants, the plaintiff may proceed to judgment as to the defendant or defendants on whom process has been served and, if the judgment as to the defendant or defendants who have been served is final in all other respects, it shall be a final judgment. All service of process within this state shall be made as provided in this rule except when service by publication is available pursuant to Rule 4.3.

Service shall be complete at the date of the last publication. After the last publication, the publisher or the publisher’s agent shall file with the court an affidavit showing the fact of publication together with a copy of the notice of publication.The clerk shall enter the fact of notification on the docket sheet of the action. When the plaintiff files a written request with the clerk for service by certified mail, service of process shall be made by that method. In the event of service by certified mail, the clerk shall place a copy of the process and complaint or other document to be served in an envelope and shall address the envelope to the person to be served with instructions to forward.Failure to make service within the thirty(30)-day period and failure to make proof of service do not affect the validity of service. The clerk shall affix adequate postage, and place the sealed envelope in the United States mail as certified mail with instructions to forward, return receipt requested, with instructions to the delivering postal employee to show to whom delivered, date of delivery, and address where delivered.Failure to make service within the thirty-day period and failure to make proof of service do not affect the validity of service. 10/1/95.) Committee Comments See Committee Comments following Rule 4.4.

Rule 4.2 Process: Basis For and Methods of Out-Of-State Service Basis for Out-of-State Service. Appropriate basis exists for service of process outside of this state upon a person in any action in this state when (A) the person is, at the time of the service of process, either a nonresident of this state or a resident of this state who is absent from the state, and (B) the person has sufficient contacts with this state, as set forth in subdivision (a)(2) of this rule, so that the prosecution of the action against the person in this state is not inconsistent with the constitution of this state or the Constitution of the United States, or, the person is sued in the capacity of executor, administrator, or other personal representative of an estate for the acts or omissions of a decedent or ward, and the person so sued does not otherwise have sufficient contacts with this state in that capacity, but the decedent or ward would have been deemed to have sufficient contacts with this state if the action could have been maintained against the decedent or ward. A person has sufficient contacts with the state when that person, acting directly or by agent, is or may be legally responsible as a consequence of that person’s: Person” Defined.

Service upon any person who is a member of the “group” or “body” having responsibility for the administration of the entity shall be sufficient. The court, within its discretion and upon such terms as are just, may at any time allow or approve the amendment of any process or proof of service thereof, unless the amendment would cause material prejudice to the substantial rights of the party against whom the process was issued. If service of process is refused, and the certified mail receipt or the return of the person serving process states that service of process has been refused, the clerk shall send by ordinary mail a copy of the summons or other process and complaint or other document to be served to the defendant at the address set forth in the complaint or other document to be served.