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Then go to work on the bulldozers, tract- ors, dump trucks and concrete trucks. Efforts to immunize against tetanus came about as the re- sult of concern among members of the medical profession over the large number of persons who are unprotected against the disease, and the fact that there is no specific cure again- st a disease which is fatal in 75 per cent of its cases. Watson is president of the Vir- ginia Beach Sertoma Club. 1UTE8 fa M li advaace ^ Mlnta MMB fliw^ par lasartleallji tfot MNnworda.. The following applications will ap- pear on the agenda* L Oemis E. And they might even charge a few drivers with reckless driv- ing for going too fast for con- ditions or for cutting in and out of traffic. Perhaps stricter traffic control in congested areas is the answer. You might try counting them ymirselves if you have nothing else to do. It just goes to show that a lot of construction work is going i Hh in Virginia Beach, and all Our Apologies R. Schools in Virginia Beach will be designated as immuni- zation points on the two dates from noon to 5 p.m. Wallace, Jr., is president of the Virginia Beach Medical Society and Allen C. Trustees s 2 rr — NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING / COMMONWEALTHof VHKil NU In ti M Cleric's Office of the Oreuit Court of the City of 'Va IRGINIA Beadt, on the aist day of February, 1967. Davis Brown, Plaintiff, vou iraaaaytopiaceatoweoat qlaailflan it Jt^y Vtr- nail Baaeh m Ast ca U ai«M01 aai'aafc'for Clas- ^apad Dapa rt ment. The Virginia Beptch Zon Uig Boardof Anpeals: oonduet a POUic Heu-ing on Monday, March 6, 1967^ at I P. in the Municipal Court, City Ha U, Virgtoia Beach, Virginia. It U ordered (hat ahe do appear here wtthla 10 (tao^t days after d M^AUoattoaltore- I of , aatf do atat My be Boees- tsaqr to pr^ect her taderaat In , thial Wt. They could charge a few of the slow creeping drivers with Impeding traffic. IRVING RENt WAL CO., INC ii# blo W ond Ml ifjottic ncft Mfll WIlp { Ivtng Wifll llt-lnt. U We$t En ACRE ESTAf TB Lvge home wrtth v^sil propttrtiened rooms. He advised remov- ing diseased and old canes, down to four good canes (using a loping shear for the larger canes and a pruning shear for the smaller ones). DARDON and JOHN 7f ELLIOTT, and $Br- vfving consorts, if any; ELIZ- ABETH WHITE, RUFUS DAR- DON , ANNIE MAV BABB, 00- RINE WILLIAMS, MINNIE SC- OTT, VELMA ARNETT, SIN- CLAIR BABB; the Trusteesand Members Qf ttie omigregi^onof LITTLE OAK GROVE AFRICAN METHODIST EPBCOPAL CH- URCH OF |RINCESS ANNE COUNTY; the tenants of RO- BERT BROOKS and PEARL B. But more than a fe* saw the stunt as a publicity gimmick and recognized the adverse effects it would have on his future campaign.\ That group watched him sit and laughed at him. Although it is not entirely unheard of, it is rather rare when a deputy or any other member of a stiff decides to run against his boss in an election. was run __iif;iical Phillips claimed he was not given i key to the office after a lock on the door was changed, Mapp said this was quite true, and added that the lock was changed for Phillips' own protection. SOUTH SIDE— Drive by and thon coll for opgelnlment to inspect. ^ , IBB, Mi WN^GI Lovely brick Cop& Cod, 4 seporato dimng room, N torge corner, fenc^ JOE WATSOf ^ SOUTH SIDE— TMs cotared or white.

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