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You can also check out Timberlake’s performances of “Suit & Tie” and “Mirrors” here.12p: Justin Timberlake It's a Date Dirk Ellington..... I chatted with Samberg and Fumero recently about how their characters have evolved since we first met them, and what the future holds… [Laughs.] N: How would you say the relationship between Jake and Holt has changed?NERDIST: What’s in store for Jake as this season draws to a close? To be honest, I could disappear and the show would still be incredible. Goor is really great at collaborating — [executive producers] Dan Goor and Mike Schur — and they bring me into the fold a lot. I feel like I’m able to affect the show a lot on set, and I have so much experience in that from SNL and doing the shorts. N: How will Jake’s love life fare by the end of this season? But I feel like that’s the only thing I’m not allowed to talk about. In the beginning it was antagonistic, but Holt quickly became a surrogate dad to Jake. After watching the full sketch below, check out Ryan Mc Gee’s recap of last night’s “SNL” here.

We don’t want to mess with it because the words are so good. Let’s try it.” Yeah, definitely with Andy, when we work together now, we usually do a few takes as scripted and then we’ll sort of look at it and see, “Okay, where can we sort of loosen it up? you can still see them.” She kept breaking during rehearsal, and then I just couldn’t get through the line. I think we only did a few takes because that line was so funny.

But they definitely let us play it loose and ad-lib and improv. N: Working with Andy, as time goes on, do you feel you guys play your scenes together funnier because you have a better sense of each other’s comic rhythm? I mean, I think that’s true of the entire cast, because we all really love each other. So anybody, whether it’s Andy or Chelsea or Joe, can come up to me and be like, “Hey, what if we did this? ” We’ll do some ad-libbing, and then towards the end, maybe in the last take or two, we’ll get really loose with it or try new jokes with the writers. In “Beach House”, when I had to tell Rosa that I could still see her “things” — “Gotta cover up them thangs. Playing Amy and saying that ridiculous line, and then her stone-cold face…