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25-Jan-2020 06:58

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At the current time of writing, Antigen 9 or Forefront (FSE/FSSP/FSOCS) update files are interchangeable, so you can use Forefront engines for Antigen 9 and vice-versa.This means that you can use one hub to serve both Antigen and Forefront installations via UNC (or only need to download one set of files if you are updating manually).Support for distributing Cloudmark engine updates is available in FSSMC Version 10 Rollup 3.You must have this version installed in order to be able to administer your Cloudmark engine updates using FSSMC.The Cloudmark anti-spam signature updates may fail when passing through a proxy server if NTLM Authentication is enabled.As a workaround, configure the proxy server to allow the Antigen server through anonymously.

Cloudmark signature updates occur automatically throughout the day; they are not configurable in the Antigen Administrator.

Whether you choose to download files manually or write a script to do this, the steps you’ll need to follow to download and house engine files will be the same: Important: the Manual Download method (D) requires manual intervention on your part; therefore it would only be supported by CSS on a best-effort basis, should you run into any issues.