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He’s been honest about it on more than one occasion, but later moved on to say how she’s like a sister to all of them.Neither Emma nor Matt admitted to anything more between ’em… “Overnight he became a sex symbol and it was nice for Matt to have his moment,” RG told ’s leading man has previously admitted to thinking his co-star was a cutie.I feel as though I should offer some sort of explanation, but I don't really have a good one.School was insane towards the end of the year and I've just been so caught up in the world that's unfolding around me that I haven't really had a chance to breathe.

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A Dramione short story about love, friendship and what it takes to maintain balance between the two.Even the books on which Hermione had always relied so heavily seemed to be waiting for her to say something else. It was Draco's voice that finally cut through the silence."Well, this little visit has been rather lovely.