Are you hot enough dating levels of intimacy and dating behavior

01-May-2020 06:10

Evolutionarily (read more about this in What Do Women Want?

: Adventures in the Science of Female Desire), women want a man who can feather their nest and care for their offspring, whether or not they have offspring. Furthermore, if your main criterion in a date is her physical attractiveness, you may be conveying this preoccupation to your dates, who then don't really think you're looking for a soulmate, and may just think you're a shallow jerk.

I've seen a lot of dating advice on here, so I thought I'd throw out my situation as well.

Objectively speaking I am of just average looks, but in good shape since I run and lift.

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It is your call what you want in your partner, but don't be surprised when your partner has her own desires.

The ultimate spark is not necessary, my only goal on a first date is to see if I am interested in having a second date.