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By removing the plastic and going with a cardboard option, Airwear® is the first lens company anywhere in the world to use this type of packaging.o : Rather than throwing old lenses away, Airwear®, in partnership with the Lions Club, will accept glasses and donate them to those in need.

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Martel felt that "she looked smart and stunningly beautiful" in the photo.

"Blurred Lines", and Ratajkowski's associated video performance, was prominent beyond the sociopolitical controversies.

She is comfortable with the naked body, and states, "We have this culture of men, especially, watching pornography, but then [they are] offended by a classic nude portrait or photograph, and I've never felt that way." Bee Shapiro described as "an artfully composed black-and-white photograph of Ms.

Ratajkowski sitting completely nude with her knees tucked to her chest" and convinced director Diane Martel to cast her in the "Blurred Lines" music video.

One of the main points of her speech, and her social media activity surrounding it, was to counter Gloria Steinem's statement that young female Sanders supporters were involved in the campaign (rather than supporting fellow female Hillary Clinton) to meet potential male romantic partners.

In their respective reviews of We Are Your Friends, Richard Roeper and Wesley Morris said that Ratajkowski, again playing the attractive object of affection, again failed to demonstrate acting prowess.

The cover story, which was shot by Carter Smith and includes an essay by Ratajkowski, says she has become known as an activist who considers being both sexual and serious to be non-conflicting ambitions.

She has become the spokesperson for brands such as DKNY, The Frye Company and DL1961.