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09-Jan-2020 10:05

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In the following days, I witnessed a good deal of discussion on Facebook surrounding this article.

Some of it was good, some of it was bad, but we all agreed on one thing – white privilege is here and Asian men are paying the price.

), much less portrayed as taking part in AMWF dating. Even universities like UCLA require higher SAT scores for Asians than Whites to be accepted – remember that the next time your White buddies complain about Affirmative Action and how it supposedly doesn’t benefit them.

They crack open History books and see their race plastered all over as doing heroic and epic things, all the time, while other races are relegated to mere months. Whites have the capability to live life without experiencing what we as minorities face every day: the questioning of our existence in this country, and if we mean anything more than just a skin color or nation of origin in this Euro-centric society. As an Asian-American man on the dating scene, I know what it’s like to feel the iron grip of White privilege.

This isn’t me just whining because I’m not a White guy in America and boo-hoo, another rant on racism, so everybody feel bad for the Asian guy. This is usually the part where I’ve offended people.

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Many well known PUA gurus exclusively target Asian FOBs in order to artificially inflate their sense of self-worth and “number” in order to feel that they’ve achieved mastery over women, when in fact it’s not their superior “game” or “social skills, its just that they have first world advantages that someone from the third world would gravitate to.This knowledge, combined with our experience connecting single professionals like yourself to Asian singles and background professionals, allows us to more effectively connect you to your ideal partner.If you decide to go on in the matchmaking process, our coordinators will screen our database of singles in order to find a potential match for you.We connect single professionals in the San Francisco area with Asian singles they can build a future with. var _dm_gaq = ; var _gaq = _gaq

A while back my good friend and wing woman Sarah Ann posted an article about the Victoria’s Secret model Cameron Russell and TED talk about how being white and beautiful gave her a privileged and entitled lifestyle.Our Asian dating service is unique among many other in-person and online dating services because our coordinators take an interest in your experience before and after the first date.

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twentysomething Peter Pans.” Putting this analysis in terms more familiar to his audience of BYU graduates and their families, Elder Tingey spoke of “the indecision some college graduates have in …… continue reading »

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But all attempts to recover their accounts via Skype support result in a generic reply: I understand that your Skype account was blocked.… continue reading »

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Even if the date is going well, another tip for blind dating is to end the date after 2-3 hours.… continue reading »

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