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Or better yet, ask the barista to yell the phrase out for you.It’s pretty brave *or cowardly, whichever way you look at it* and you’ll get an immediate answer. [Read: 12 ways to finally be more than friends with someone] Go hard or go home Now, these types of gestures are specifically designed to ask someone you’ve known for a long time.Aerial advertising, billboards, jewelry – there are so many options to choose from, especially if you have a credit card. A hundred post-it notes, two hundred bags of gummy bears, three hundred sacks of potpourri? It’s best to use something themed and funny when using props to ask someone out. #3 Invest some time and effort in a scavenger hunt.There are numerous variations of scavenger hunts you can copy off of the Internet, but we suggest that you use items and locations fit for the person you like.Here are some of the best lines we found on the Interwebz: – “Excuse me, but I’m really attracted to you, and according to Newton’s Law of Gravitation, you’re attracted to me too.” – “You see my friend over there?He wants to know if you think I’m cute.” – “If I were to ask you out on a date, would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?Make sure the notes are cute, that there are moderately expensive gifts involved, and that you are the prize at the end of the hunt. Something about having all your friends involved makes the gesture more sincere.Ask your friends to help you make a video or have them wear funny costumes when you’re asking the person you like out.

Tell the person that this feels like the best date ever, but would it be okay if they go out with you to an actual restaurant or [insert original yet tasteful date idea here].

Up the ante This means that you may need to go public with your affections.

A word of warning for you eager beavers out there: Make sure that you know the person well enough to do this or you have had at least several encounters and know each other’s name. #2 Do something out of a popular romcom or their favorite movie.

” Bonus points because this idea isn’t even viral yet.

#5 Ask a barista to write a message on their coffee cup.

Try these and see if you get your pride’s worth: – Ask strangers to hold out signs leading her to you, with the signs cumulatively saying, “Will you go out with me?

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