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According to Gary Cunningham's book (you should get one), Milpar provided M7 bayonets from 1964 to 1967. Marv Those are very good point guy's, but the old man was in Nam from June of 67 to June of 68, and he carried an M-16.They may have provided bayonets later than 1967, but that is the only data available at this time. He trained in the states with an M-14, but once he arrived in-country, they used M-16's.I've looked here on the forum and on Ebay, but every one I see is undated.The only info I really see is these is the maker/manufacturer and perhaps a few stock numbers.Thought's, idea's, suggestion's..and all help is greatly appreciated. BOC, Conetta, Milpar, and FZR (if you can find one), all had contracts in the 1960s according to Gary Cunningham's book. Colt made some in 61' & 62', but they're hard to find, and Colt marked ones were made later in Germany, and it gets confusing from there.BOC, Conetta, and Milpar are plentiful, and you can get mint ones in the wrappers.Sean Sean= Go to ebay, or any local gun or militaria show. Seriously, in all honesty, I do really appreciate it though.Thankfully I'm not a bayonet collector, but without the pic's in the link you provided, I could have very easily made a big mistake by buying a collector copy verses the real thing !!! if anyone has any leads on the bayonet and scabbard I'm searching for, feel free to send me a PM !!!

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I'm looking for a Vietnam era M7 bayonet with an M8A1 scabbard, but is there a way to date them ???

Archaeologists uncovered the Thomas Harris house foundation, one of the oldest homes found in Virginia dating between 1635-1654. The archaeologists noted that the framing posts of this house sat in the full basement and some were enclosed by bricks which was unique in the Chesapeake area.

A large centrally located chimney suggests that there was a lobby entrance.

Curles with an apostrophe was used on early documents prior to the Civil War, later dropped as in modern usage.

A prominent representative of that family was the patriot Wilson Roscow Curle of the Revolutionary era.Once again, thank you sir, as that is a very good piece of information.

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