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26-Jan-2020 07:55

Here in the US, lots of people got deluged with the notion growing up (Hollywood), that a guy with a British accent is smarter than everyone else, dresses better without being gay, has more money, and/or is an international spy and sexual dynamo.

Some guys think that all Oriental women are naturally subservient, and will be ever obsequious and cooperative.

I can't help thinking they've got a very stereotypical view of life in Britain and it's inhabitants! Why in the heck would it be pathetic to get involved with people not in our own country? If he is willing to fly to meet me or send me a ticket to meet him then I'd entertain it. But the more we travel the globe the less we adhere to those generalisations.jl503Actually I had never heard of that either. I think mostly it is people who want to escape for some reason and want residency elsewhere or the grass is greener syndrome.

I would say that is a rather pathetic way of thinking. I've always said I would like my kids to have British accents. It's not like I'm LOOKING for it but sure I'm open to relocating. I was in Lebanon for five months and we considered moving there and I'd have had no problem with it but in the end we opted not to relocate. so everyone has to make their own decision as to whether or not it is worth pursuing. I can understand people wanting to come to Australia.

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Growing older & somewhat wiser..can't "make" life happen. Luckily though, I am a generally positive woman who has a busy, active life outside of the computer.

What wording do you type into the search engine to be as specific as possible? They have now been married 7 years in April & have 2 kids.

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