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To pacify his mother, who wants him to stay, and Bernadette, who doesn't, he lies to both.Meanwhile, Sheldon invites Howard-less Raj to his second anniversary with Amy to outsource to the Indian any romantic activities the Relationship Agreement demands of him.Amy forces Raj to leave, so he crashes on Leonard and Penny's date.Leonard, unlike Penny, wants to discuss their relationship and resents Raj's intrusion, but has to accommodate him for Penny.When a drunk Raj demands Penny declare her love for Leonard, Raj is ejected from the apartment and goes to the comic book store, where he and Stuart bond over a nightcap and plan to meet up the next evening.

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This success has been attributed to the sitcom's exposure in syndication, its late 2010 move to a new time-slot, and the influence of showrunner Steven Molaro (who took over from Bill Prady) on the characters' storylines.Jim Parsons won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards for the episode "The Habitation Configuration".