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11-Jun-2020 08:23

For whatever reason, it’s […] This blog is not written for women in abusive marriages.

I have a tendency to wake up ridiculously early, often even before four a.m.

The author talks about her accidental Wonder Valley home, New York versus California noir, professional squash and more.

) shares with readers the amazing story of Lambert Simnel, a young boy in 1486 who briefly played at being an actual monarch despite having no royal blood, education or anything else that might qualify or prepare him to rule a country.

Fiction / Historical Fiction After decades of reading Russian literature and history and a few trips to the country, Janet Fitch has distilled that fascination into her first work of historical fiction, The Revolution of Marina M., an epic page-turner and part one of a two-volume tale set during the Russian Revolution.

Fiction / Thriller John Grisham’s fans await his annual legal thriller the way a starved jury anticipates free donuts in the break room.

The advice offered in these posts will challenge both husbands and wives, but the advice could be counter-productive if it is applied in an abusive relationship.

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Fabulously indiscreet romances are the result and we’ve chosen three of the best for your enjoyment this month.These four books err on the side of delightfully weird, and they’re bound to fit some oddball on your list!