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Qumran Cave 4 yielded fragments of 11 Aramaic manuscripts of parts of 1 Enoch that cover perhaps one fifth of the Ethiopic text, as well as nine ­Aramaic manuscripts of “the Book of the Giants,” a text not included in 1 Enoch.

The 1 Enoch manuscripts attest both to how closely the Ethiopic text corresponds to its Aramaic prototypes in some places and to where it differs in others.

From Cave 4, seven additional scrolls related to the eschatological war were found (4Q491–7), being either copies of the War Scroll or compositions closely related to it, or perhaps its sources. —Brian Schultz, Bar-Ilan University Posted in Dead Sea Scrolls.

They further support the impression gathered from the War Scroll that it had at least two stages in its composition, a first dating to the Maccabean period (Columns 1–9), and a second (Columns 10–19) intended to adapt the composition to a new reality resulting from the Roman conquest of Judea in 63 B. Tagged with Dead Sea Scrolls, Essenes, New Testament, aramaic, archaeology, bib arch org, bible, biblical, biblicalarchaeology,, book of enoch, dead sea, dead sea scroll, early christian, enoch, essene, hebrew, israelite religion, jerusalem, magen broshi, moses, pentateuch, qumran, qumran cave, qumran cave 4, revelation, roman period, sea scroll, sea scrolls, sons of light, temple scroll, the dead sea, the dead sea scroll, the dead sea scrolls, the essene, the essenes, the israel museum, the second temple, the temple scroll, the war scroll, war scroll, yigael yadin.

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The Scroll of the War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness (or in short, the War Scroll) is one of the first seven Dead Sea Scrolls to have been discovered.

The “Book of Enoch” (1 Enoch) is a collection of texts composed between about 350 B. The Enochic texts claim to be Enoch’s revelations transmitted through his son, Methuselah.