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Such action by the defendent shall be considered a violation of the Honor Code and deserving of a penalty. The notice of appeal must plainly identify the charge from which the appeal is taken and state the reason for the appeal. A written notice of contest must be given to the Eleaions Board Chair within 24 hours of the official post- ing time. If she fails to give notice of desiring a copy of the tape within 48 hours of oral notifica- tion of the Honor Council verdict and penalty, the tape will no longer be made available to the student. In the event that a student fails to respond to her sum- mons to appear before the Honor Council, the Honor Council may choose to proceed with the hearing without the defendent present. Method of Appeals to Review Board A student may appeal to the Review Board by giving a written notice of her appeal to fhe Vice President for Student Development within 48 hours of the Honor Council hearing.The President of the College shall reach a decision and give a formal written notice within ten days after receiving the writ- ten notice of appeal.He may affirm the imposition of penalty by the Review Board or change it to one deemed by him to be more appropriate. .11-23 Accounting Association 114 Advance Payment for Housing Reservations 60 American Home Economics Association 116 Acorn (See Publications) ...117 Administration 5-9 Advertising 84 Advisors (Academic) • 12 Advisors (Student) 12 AIDS 44 Alcoholic Beverages (See College Policies) 37 Alice in Wonderland 105 Alma Mater 2 Alpha Delta Mu 116 Alpha Lambda Delta 116 Alpha Psi Omega 116 Alumnae Office 9 Appeals 34, 169 Aqua Angels 95 Association for Black Awareness 114 Association of Meredith Commuters 57, 114 Astrotekton Service Club ...116 ATM Machine 81 Automobile Regulations ...The President of the College may, in conference with the student charged, hear and consider oral argument but may not consider any new evi- dence.Review by the President of the College is confined solely to the question of appropriateness of the penalty in total con- text. (This record consists of the summons, the digest of proceedings, and the tape recording of the proceedings.

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170/ UNDERGRADUATE ACADEMIC CALENDAR / 1 71 UNDERGRADUATE ACADEMIC CALENDAR FALL SEMESTER Arrival of new students Registration Freshman Register Classes b^n Opening Convocation Last day to drop a course without paying Last day to add a course Labor Day Holiday — No classes held Last day to make grading changes Last day to drop with a "W" grade Midterm: Autumn recess begins at p.m. Midterm reports due at NOON Cornhusldn: No classes after p.m. Midterm reports due at NOON Classes resume at a.m. .107 Bonfire 108 Bookstore (See Student Supply Store) 93 Bulletin Boards and Announcements 84 By-Laws 151-169 Cablevision 79 Cafeteria 85 Calendar (See Academic Calendar and Collie Calendar) . Exactly what about the election is being contested. This tape is for the benefit of the accused in an appeal to the Review Board. I used several times in the past and have never had success with it.… continue reading »

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