Capricorn man dating aquarius woman dating an america american women

29-May-2020 15:38

You, dear Capricorn, are very sensual in bed, just like your beloved Aquarius, but (s)he sees sex as pleasure, as a game, and you dislike that.It is possible that you are not at all turned on by his/her appetite for XXX movies or other methods of reaching the proper level of excitement at the right moment.I am Capricorn (Aqua/Moon), 5 months with my Aqua, who is the "best" ever I met.Actually, I was always soo attracted by Aquas (my first guy was one, several of my excellent friends was attracted to me because of my ability for endless serious and funny conversation...; 3 of my best friends are Aqua-women; my father, which I find the most interesting man is also Aqua and we have intense and deep relation...), and now I am together with one special.

Such a special bond is developed especially if there are other compatible placements in your Natal charts.Spiritually, Aquarius is not capable of tolerating a relationship the way you do it.