Casual courtship dating

17-Jul-2020 19:07

But intimacy in any relationship requires vulnerability, and vulnerability means opening yourself up to the possibility of pain.Although I succeeded in avoiding dating for most of my life, I did not succeed in avoiding pain.There were seasons in which dating would have been a distraction for me.I’m thankful for the time I have had to get to know myself and grow in confidence as a woman of God.And don’t compromise your boundaries for the sake of saving or bettering the other person either. God is more than capable of helping that person without sacrificing your heart in the process.

The unknown is scary, which is why this process has led me to rely even more on God, which could never be a bad thing.You start not with friendship or observation in a natural group setting, but intimate one-on-one interaction. If a guy clearly isn’t for you, don’t feel bad about closing that door.Starting with dating as the stated goal makes things clearer in some ways, but slightly more dangerous in others. So be sure to invite trusted friends or mentors into the process who aren’t afraid to call you out and ask the pointed questions. (For me, if he mentions partying or starts spewing vulgarities, I bow out as quickly as possible.) You’re going to be rejected, and you are going to reject others. It’s one of the more scary, uncomfortable parts of dating, but it’s okay. Don’t forget to affirm yourself for your courage throughout the casual dating process.Going on dates or receiving playful texts can remind me of disappointments and heartbreak of the past.

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But though facing those feelings can be hard, processing them with God also brings healing.

At every step, allow God to test your motives and to speak into the process.