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20-Jul-2020 02:00

Two former NASA specialists give tips for making the most of Google's 3-D space offerings—and offer hints for finding some little-known gems.© 2009 National Geographic; Images courtesy Google Unedited Transcript: Michael Weiss-Malik, Product Manager, Mars in Google Earth So, Moon and Mars in Google Earth are a lot like a video game.

You know, it's pretty popular right now to have these 3-D virtual reality games where you can walk around or sometimes fly around.

She seems to be in her late teens or early twenties, though her pastel clothing and soft voice are much more childlike.

Maybe you start with “I’m Poppy,” a video where she repeats that phrase over and over in different inflections for 10 minutes. With countless attractive You Tubers “lit by beautiful light” and talented singers putting out music on Soundcloud and people posting pretty photos on Instagram, only a Purple Cow can rise above the noise. A month after my first phone interview with Poppy, I meet her and Titanic at a bistro in Los Angeles.

Noel Pretty much anything that involved a computer on the ground for those missions, that were based at ASU, I was the lead for.

Michael Mars in Google Earth actually has imagery that I helped create and that Noel helped create.

Noel Gorelick, Lead Engineer, Mars in Google Earth Prior to coming to Google, I worked on seven Mars missions and the Cassini mission to Saturn, for Arizona State University as a NASA contractor.She carries a small Minnie Mouse purse and, despite the sunny weather, wears a long turquoise coat with ruffles. Her hair is perfectly straight and blindingly blond.Without a doubt, she has the nicest skin I have ever seen in person.I spend the days leading up to the lunch feeling anxious, mostly because I fear they’ll troll me in real time, and I won’t be able to keep up.

I’m still wondering about this as I sit down in a booth across from Poppy.She wears big pink sunglasses with reflective lenses.

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