Chelsea staub dating joe jonas 2016 updating old farmhouse

01-Jun-2020 11:26

News he's "writing a lot of music" these days, hinting that he may follow brother Nick's lead and break away from The Jonas Brothers, at least temporarily. Not only are all three reportedly virgins (just like Lindsay Lohan. ), but now a represenative of Hollywood Records is playing down celebrity gossip rumors that say Joe Jonas and Bratz star Chelsea Staub are even dating."Songwriting is an artist's way of expressing their journal and their personal life," the 26-year-old explained.—What her and her gal pals’ favorite snack is while sitting home on the couch dishing about boys.—Why it seems that every time she goes to a theme park, she winds up buying new sweats. "I don't really do much speaking on my personal life, so the fact that I get to probably answer a few questions -- people are wondering what I'm thinking about -- so it's nice to be able to put that out there." Jonas teased that we'll "definitely know" who his new angry song is about when we hear it.

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They’re really – it doesn’t hurt to look at them – they’re gorgeous, and on top of everything else, they open doors and pull out chairs and compliment the way you look. Perfect package.” But then she sets the record straight on the exact extent of her affection for the boys."I'm going into the studio right after this to finish a track, so there's a lot of exciting new music I’ve been working on that isn't on [our 2015 debut] EP [ "I feel like we've evolved quite a bit even from that -- which was really recorded early last year -- so now, a year later, I feel like it's nice to be able to release almost a new album in a way, when you've had time to progress," he continued. Jonas told ET he's looking forward to performing on some of the same stages he once shared with his brothers, Nick and Kevin, when the trio was on tour together as the Jonas Brothers."WE day has always been something special to me," Jonas gushed.At that particular point in time, the boys are touring and they aren’t home a lot and we don’t get to see each other a lot.

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“At that point in time they were in LA, they had a couple of days off.“We have a really cool ‘friend’ relationship, so I kind of get the best of both worlds in the sense that I love to be around these guys…

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