Cougar 911 dating

24-Jul-2020 16:59

There are so many cougar sites out there that try very hard to hide the fact that almost all of their profiles are fake.

Cougar911has all of the fake profiles that you would expect from a site you want to avoid.

When you first land on the Cougar911homepage the design is actually much better than average.

It certainly isn’t at e Harmony levels but it works.

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They are less upfront with their shenanigans than other sites but there are several warning signs that this site is a waste of time.

Trying to woo a cougar by feeding her bull shit compliments and empty promises will get you nowhere. They desire the same traits in a man as a younger woman would.

However, dating a cougar requires a high level of maturity, respect and honesty.

Other data is for illustrative purposes only.” but I press onward.

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After a very quick profile setup I am ready to meet some attractive older women. Once I am in the site all of my hopes come crashing down.This is where the site goes straight NC-17 and I wrapped up my review.