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26-Mar-2020 23:21

Redittor /u/PM_ME_SOME_STORIES attempted to implement a neural network algorithm and they have also given a couple example papers to study which kind of features can be useful to train the model.

Each of these features have weights that describe how important of a factor they are in determining if a player is cheating or not.

Meni se ne zamrzne, meni udje na server, ali predugo cekam. Video sam neke teme za to, ali pise da im je FREEZE.

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Video sam neke teme za to, ali pise da im je FREEZE. Problem sa Validating Game Resources (kada ulazim u server on-line) Znaci, nije da se zamrzne, udje ono na server... 5 minuta samo cekam to "Validating Game Resources", zna li neko problem? EDIT: Neka se javi neko dovoljno pametan i resi ostatku sveta ovaj problem.Once the model is built by using sample demos, it is time to test it. This time the feature if the demo contains cheating or not is hidden from the model and the model has to determine if there was any cheating or not.