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In 2014, she established her apparel fashion brand, Blanc & Eclare.

Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Jessica is fluent in English and Korean after moving to South Korea at the age of 11. While on vacation in South Korea, she and her sister, Krystal, were spotted in a shopping mall by S. Entertainment; she later joined the company in 2000.

She was also a regular guest on the show Star King with fellow band member Yuri.

In 2009, she took a special part on the show Infinity Challenge for their summer special, in which she was chosen to sing a duet entitled "Naengmyun" with Park Myung-soo, one of the MCs.

Kay Oct 67 7568 am Goin' out on a limb here----I don't think San is dead. hope they can be in romantic comedy kind of like to see ji sung & jung eum as a couple again.. I love Min-Hyuk (Ji Sung) and Yoo-Jung's (Hwang Jung-Eun) characters and superb acting.

The writer would feel way too guilty if she didn't throw this bone to YJ before the drama ends. and i think its not want to see ji sung & jung eum happy at the end. Lee Da-Hee , Soo-Bin and the great bodyguard Choi-Woon are equally talented actors also. I always watch several times all the episodes and still loving story is great and not dragging at series should be like short but so can't miss a single episode make your heart stop for seconds :).. I think the writer is a SHINHWA for pitching in the name of my favorite legendary Kpop group : ) kreeztie Nov 65 7568 am this the best korean drama i hv ever seen and its really touching me especially Kang Yoo Jung. She's willing to sacrifies everything because of his boyfriend An Do Hun and at the and his bf betrayed him when he already became rich and powerful..

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In addition, she had various duets — one with Shinee member, Onew, called "One Year Later", and one with Park Myung-soo, "Naengmyeon".In 2014, Jessica and her sister Krystal were featured in their reality television show Jessica & Krystal.It premiered on June 3 and consisted of ten episodes.Jessica at MBC Gayo Daejejeon on December 31, 2013 Jessica was the first member to sign with SM Entertainment in 2000.

In 2007, she was chosen as a member of the group Girls' Generation. On September 30, 2014, Jessica announced on her personal Weibo account that she was "forced out" of the group.Un altro drama della serie "Flower Boy (e un Ahjussi - e che Ahjussi!!! Il leader dell'Agenzia Cyrano è Seo Byung Hoon (Lee Jong-Hyuk).