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23-Mar-2020 16:53

The most recent of these conferences are listed below.

The next meeting in this series will be held in Burgos, Spain, in 2020.

Contact Amy Coleman at 902-424-6512 for information.

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The conference will cover topics ranging from fundamental studies, through advances in equipment technology and analytical procedures, to applications on geological and archaeological materials.

Such discrepancies are in part due to the incomplete fossil record, which, because of missing fossils, underestimates the divergence times, but is also due to statistical biases from the molecular dating studies, (Benton and Ayala 2003), and how fossil constraints are treated (Blair and Hedges 2005).

Moreover, there are major discrepancies between estimates yielded by different methods of molecular dating (Aris-Brisou and Yang 2003; Blair and Hedges 2005; Roger and Hug 2006).

In any case, the relative validity of fossil versus molecular divergence date estimation continues to be debated.

Near & Sanderson (2004) have developed a fossil-based model cross-validation method in which the fossil calibrations are used to determine the phylogenetic model of best fit.

The concept of molecular dating has existed since Zuckerkandl and Pauling (1965) postulated that, if sequence changes occurred in a clock-like manner during evolution, it would be possible to determine the time elapsed since two species or groups diverged based on the differences present in their DNA sequences.

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