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Yet so peaceful is the overall scene, it is difficult to remember that some of the most bitter fighting of the Algerian war of independence took place here, and that, for example, napalm was dropped on the “rebel” in Kabylia during Operation Jumelles in 1959.When driving through the Kabyle mountains in 1975, we briefly stopped at a pass near Azazga, and I asked my driver whether the old burned-out trunks of cork oak trees which rose from the snow-covered ground were the result of a recent fire. "I was commanding a here in 1959 when fire rained out of the skies and my men went up in flames. These words were spoken in a deadpan voice which made them all the more striking.The younger women were dressed in brightly striped, yellow-and-orange skirts, blouses and traditional caftans, while young men wore western-style clothes, version There was not a veiled woman in sight.Traffic was chaotic but good natured in every village high street, where the usual assortment of half-finished buildings, some rising four or five stories above the street, testified to the disappearance of the low-lying tile-covered houses that were once common.The trio – Abdelhafid Boussouf, Krim Belkacem and Lakhdar Ben Tobbal – condemned him to death.

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With Albert Camus, relations were more difficult: to Camus's famous words, “”., as the enthralled French described its houses and buildings cascading down to the sea, seemed now buried under a vast sea of concrete.