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Over the years of researching vintage Chanel jewellery I have noticed a steady increase in prices/value being sought in the online market and Auction Houses are certainly cashing in on the popularity of the highly sought after brand.Fortunately for fashionista's, we live in a disposable society where it is now the done thing to clear your closest through a Designer Resale store, commission-based store, Auction House or online outlets such as e Bay and etsy.That is what Coco Chanel prided herself on; creating luxury high-end pieces that made women feel empowered, sexy and classy, everything they wanted to be without the hefty price tag of fine jewellery.Ok, some would argue that Chanel does come with the hefty price tag and you would be right; the Chanel label became such an iconic force in the fashion industry that their pieces (accessories or otherwise) are considered investments and you pay the price.In 1941 an American costume jewellery company named the Chanel Novelty Company released jewellery with the name Chanel in script.

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After operating a millinery shop and houses of couture in Paris, Deauville and Biarritz in the early 1900's, Coco Chanel was considered one of Paris' leading designers.

Celebrities of today have embraced vintage Chanel with Rhianna, Beyoncé and as pictured right, Ashley Simpson, all being seen adorning themselves with the luxury vintage jewels and statement pieces from the fabulous House of Chanel.

Whether they are dressed for the red carpet or a shopping outing in ripped jeans and classic white T, Chanel is the perfect accessory.

In 1939, despite great success, Chanel was forced to close her doors as WWII began.

In 1954 however, Coco would reopen her famous 31 Rue Cambon salon after debuting her "comeback couture collection" in 1953.The process involves pouring molten glass into moulds.