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29-Feb-2020 07:14

''Oftentimes they feel either the pressure to compete or to be great at everything is too much.'' Mr.

Webb asserted: ''I'm convinced these problems don't have to happen.

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Programs for gifted children can help them in a number of ways, including letting them discover that they are not alone, Mr. If no program is available, parents can organize to lobby for one, Mr. That is often a long process, he said, and in the meantime they could create their own program.Others, resenting how other students shun them but sit within cheating distance on test day, put down wrong answers for the others to see and later put in the correct answers.Perfectionism, often well developed earlier in youth, continues. ''That's where the idea for suicide for gifted adolescents comes up,'' said Jim Delisle, assistant professor of special education at Kent State University in Ohio.They are adolescents who worry about choosing a demanding career and getting a date for Saturday night.

'They Think Differently' Whatever their age, gifted children face the same basic problem: fitting into a world that was not designed for them.They are often faced with boring lessons, rules that seem illogical, and classmates who think they are weird.

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