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Plush animals say several cute phrases when strings are pulled. Helicopter is attached to 21" rod which goes in central spinning hub, & takes 4 "D" cells. One of Ideal's cool "battery operated animal series" toys. Gaylord will walk forward when his leash is pulled once, stop when pulled second time and go backwards when pulled again! The most popular 1960s 007 toy made and one of my favorites.

You would use the controller to fly the copter around in a circle and have it swoop down to retrieve items or figures with the hook beneath the helicopter. Seven guns in one, which included: Grenade Launcher, Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher, Anti Bunker Missile Launcher, Armor Piercing Shell, Rifle fires 10 Bullets, Slide Bolt Action Machine Gun, Detachable Cap Pistol which fires shells. I still have my original gun from the set I had as a kid. Contains shell-firing pistol with attachments: stock, scope, silencer - which all converts into a rifle.

As a result, many Vaults had conditions that drove their occupants insane, hopelessly radiated..worse.

A minority, however, had conditions that were able to support their societies in a relatively stable manner. Though some Vault dwellers have left their shelters and established towns, civilization struggles to survive amidst scarce resources, vicious mutants, and those who have turned to a Rape, Pillage, and Burn lifestyle.

Across the United States, pockets of humanity survived in the Vaults, massive underground bunkers built by the Vault-Tec Corporation to protect mankind from nuclear fallout.

is a series of pulp Science Fiction Western RPGs, originally owned and published by Interplay and Black Isle and currently owned by Bethesda.But I specifically remember my Dad telling me to leave the tape on the hinges since, "They must have been put there for a reason." Funny, I don't remember much I learned in school.. I've had so many people tell me they were scared of this guy when they were kids! If you hit it right in the center - he rolls toward you, if you miss - he backs up and starts "razzing" you - showing his big red tongue. The worst is when you lose his battery cover, since its a weird shape and he won't work without one. Another cool Monster type toy from Ideal was KING ZOR. Ok, so maybe not your normal toy - but a great way to get a kid to take a bath!One of the many cool toy inventions by Marvin Glass. He would shoot small plastic balls from his back and you could shoot darts (with gun provided) at his tail to make him change direction. Turn his head to change directions - Go forward AND Backwards by pressing his foot pedal. 6Volt Battery is needed and can be purchased at any Radio Shack. A door under him swings open for the battery "shelf". Not sure of the chemical makeup of this stuff, but we are still alive - so I guess there were no adverse effects. "Launch & Fly your own space craft with no wires or connections." Neat Air powered device that maneuvers your spaceship around the room.There was a small squeeze plastic bottle in his chest so that you could squirt water out of his chest. He has wheels on his base so you can roll him around. Arms open & close, he can bend over to pick up items & carry. or the acrylic chipping and flying off into kids eyes. Set included stickers you would put on the walls to depict 1960s decor.

Originally came with "Garloo" medallion, wrist chains, cardboard tray, shoulder pads, palms pads & leopard print loin cloth. My mom wouldn't buy him though, because she thought he was too ugly! A newer version came out that was basically hard plastic balls that won't chip and they were about 1/2 the size of the originals. Over 45 pieces of plastic furniture in various colors came with the house.

Eventually, the two superpowers clashed over the Alaskan oil fields, hoping to secure just a little more of that black gold... No one knows or cares which side fired the first missiles, but once they were up, everyone else fired too.

It permits members in a safe environment to ...""Mixed gender psychotherapy group for adults between ages of 25 and up, focussing on issues related to ones relationships, communication patterns, and other behaviors that can interfer with a more satisfying relationships.… continue reading »

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