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26-Jun-2020 00:05

Scientists will eventualy stop flailing around with solar power and focus their efforts on harnessing the only truly unlimited source of energy on the planet: stupidity.

I predict that energy companies will place huge hamster wheels outside of convenience stores and offer free lottery tickets to people who spend five minutes running in them.

Isn’t the world a funny old place when viewed through the eyes of a trained persuader?

think of Trump supporters, we tend to get a mental image of angry white people screaming at and shoving a black lady as if she were trying to attend Little Rock High School in 1957: But maybe that’s just us.In any case, trained persuader Scott Adams wants to point out that all of this is just some bullshit mental noodling around: There is no difference.You have been persuaded to think there’s a difference, and I have provided a whole lot of words about powerful Trump supporters and wimpy weak Hillary supporters, but there’s no real difference.It would be much better for everyone if, for example, fish were the ones with all the technology.

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They wouldn't be able to push the buttons with their little fins.Adams has been pondering this quite a bit, and explains the deep evolutionary psychology at work here, as if evolutionary psychology were anything more than a pretend scientific framework for confirming ingrained cultural biases: Attractiveness and power are correlated in our minds.