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Other areas of study for: Spanning the tumultuous years of the English Civil War, the Interregnum, and the Restoration, this collection continues the mission of STC I to preserve valuable research materials on microfilm.With both STC I and STC II, libraries will have available for their scholars an unparalleled center, essential for research libraries supporting strong graduate studies programs."What impressed me was the advantages offered by scale of the corpus and the rigour of its markup. Libraries possessing this collection find they are able to fulfill the most exhaustive research requirements of graduate scholars in the areas of English literature, history, philosophy, linguistics, and the fine arts.Both of these features of the TCP project enabled me and Dan to produce with surprising speed a set of results for a question that would otherwise be much more difficult to answer." Please visit the Text Creation Partnership web site at Find out if your institution is a member of the Text Creation Partnership: University of Michigan interface for TCP I Open access material: University of Oxford interface for TCP I Open access material: See also Blog from Oxford University TCP Hackfest: Hackfest blog at: Suggested Ways of Citing Digitized Early Modern Texts, Heather Froehlich at Folger Library: From the first book published in English through the age of Spenser and Shakespeare, this incomparable microfilm collection contains nearly all of the 26,500 titles listed in A. The collection comprehensively documents the magnificent English Renaissance - an era that witnessed the rebirth of classical humanism, the broadening of the known world, and the rapid spread of printing and education.abstract_id=2740299 As of September 2016, EEBO has: into fully-searchable, TEI-compliant SGML/XML texts.

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'a collection of Pamphletts and other writeings and papers bounde up with them of severall volumes gathered by me in the tyme of the late warres and beginning the third day of November A. 1640 and continued until the happie returne and coronacion of his most gracious Maiestie King Charles the second, upon which I put a very high esteeme in regard that it is soe intire a work and not to be pararelled and also in respect of the long and greete paynes, industry and charge that hath bin taken and expended in and about the collection of them.' — from the will of George Thomason (d.1666) The year 1640 in England marked the beginning of a period of tumult and change.Libraries that have in their collections can seamlessly move between the text transcriptions and the corresponding original page images on the Pro Quest interface.Pro Quests expert digitization and indexing amplifies the benefit of the full text from TCP, enabling precision searching made possible through tools that address variant spellings and word forms - and delivery of exceptionally crisp page images.These 4 collections were part of the original UMI Microfilms Collection Project.

The EEBO project is currently scanning 100,000 more pages to add to this collection. New STC I (Unit 91) and Wing (Unit 139) titles will be released in September 2016.Following its first launch in 1998, EEBO now contains page images of virtually every work printed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and British North America and works in English printed elsewhere from 14731700.