Dating fender electric guitars

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Many instruments used a polyurethane finish which is brittle, chips easily, and develops spider cracks if exposed to extremes of heat or cold. The Fender Lead Series used a modified version of the Fender United States serial number format.

The first letter E designated the eighties, and the next two numbers (00, 01, or 02) indicated the year of manufacture. Fender Lead Series guitar serial numbers were installed on the headstock, inside body pocket, and back of the pick guard.

Fender Lead II Single Coil Pickup Specifications The DC resistance of the Lead II X-1 single coil pickup is approximately 7.5 kΩ (9600 coil winds) vrs (7600 coil winds) on a Stratocaster.

Lead II single coil pickups have flat ALNICO polepieces.

The smaller headstock and the neck were both patterned after earlier Fender necks.

Originally Steve Morse of the Dixie Dregs was the first endorser of the guitar and premiered it at a NAMM Show show in Atlanta Georgia.

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Gregg Wilson was succeeded by John Page, who eventually headed the Fender Custom Shop.