Dating fender squire bullet guitars

22-Dec-2019 16:22

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I've got a young family and plenty of other things money needs to be spent on (and a wife who wants to spend the money on a new porch).

This is the reason I am just looking for a good first guitar.

If I get good enough then I can push for a new guitar much easier. arh I just want to start learning lol You're thinking along the right lines.

I would save a a little more and look in the 0-0 range, it does make a difference. I've seen plenty of folks who were quite happy with their bullet Strats.

Usually, the production date is stamped or written is on the heel of the neck.

To read this it is necessary to unscrew the neck from the body.

But the lower end guitars could have some quality problems that will affect your play. Like Bazz says, if you have a friend that plays, take him with you to check out that individual guitar.

Squier is Fender-sharing its product platforms, trademarks, standards and iconic designs.

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