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Similarly, non-institutional congregations also oppose the use of church facilities for non-church activities (such as fellowship dinners or recreation); as such, they oppose the construction of "fellowship halls", gymnasiums, and similar structures.In both cases, opposition is based on the belief that support of institutions and non-church activities are not proper functions of the local congregation.

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Few congregations clap hands and/or use musical instruments during "formal" weekly convocations. The remaining congregations may be grouped into four categories which generally differ from the mainstream consensus in specific practices, rather than in theological perspectives, and tend to have smaller congregations on average.For example, the Christian Church uses musical instruments in worship (known as the Christian Church), whereas the Churches of Christ believe a cappella singing to be proper.In addition, there was also disagreement over the appropriateness of organizational structures above the congregational level, such as those of missionary societies and funding orphanages.The largest of these four categories is the "non-institutional" Churches of Christ.

This group is notable for opposing congregational support of institutions such as orphans homes and Bible colleges.For groups of autonomous congregations using the name "church of Christ" that have no historical connection with the Restoration Movement, see Churches of Christ (non-Restoration Movement). Churches of Christ are autonomous Christian congregations associated with one another through distinct beliefs and practices.