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24-May-2020 11:12

The site also has discussion forums, movie polls, and trailers.

"We hated Shrek 2 and were shocked that nobody agreed with us," explains Criticker's about page.

If it seems odd to see , well, it seemed odd to me at first as well.

But the logic makes sense — one of those two movies you enjoyed more than the other, so if you had to make a definitive list, which one would you pick?

Their movie compatibility tests, movie night planner, quizzes and personality tests all make it easy to find friends and connect with people who have similar film tastes.

According to, the message boards at IMBd sport a whopping 13 million posts, and over 4 million members, making it one of the biggest discussion communities on the Internet.

The only rule is: It can NOT have anything to do with amputations, prostheses, CPOs, Health Care.

sequel has already made over 0 million at the US box office — good for a spot in the top 15 highest grossing films of all time.

Users are shown two films, if they've seen both, they pick which is better.

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Then they're shown two new films, they pick the best and get two more, etc.Flixster is a full-featured social network for movie lovers offering film info, reviews, movie trailers, and other media, as well as general social networking features like profiles, comment walls, and friending.