Dating phone services in washington state

24-Jun-2020 16:32

This section lists the main types of contracts that can be cancelled.Not all types of cancelable contracts have been included.

In some situations, the seller must extend the 30-day recission period if you notify the seller that the aid has developed a problem.The law also applies if the contract was made either in person at a place other than the seller’s business as shown on the contract, or by commercial telephone solicitation.[Back to Top] Telemarketing Sales Under Washington’s Commercial Telephone Solicitation Act (RCW 19.158) when you agree to make a purchase during a call initiated by a telephone solicitor, the sale is not final until you’ve received written confirmation from the seller.[Back to Top] Canceling a Contract To cancel one of the contracts described in this brochure or as otherwise allowed by law, fill out one of the cancellation forms given to you at the time you signed the contract.

If you weren’t given one or can’t find one, write a letter to the company explaining that you want to cancel the purchase. Mail the notice or letter to the company by certified mail and request a return receipt.

[Back to Top] Health Clubs Under the Health Studio Services Act (RCW 19.142), you have three business days after signing a health studio membership contract in which to cancel. [Back to Top ] Hearing Aids The state’s Hearing Aid and Speech Services Law (RCW 18.35) allows you to cancel a hearing aid purchase within 30 calendar days of delivery, for reasonable cause.

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