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You want your date to go away thinking you’re an amazing and interesting person rather than a very good therapist!Ask questions about what lights them up, makes their heart sing or gets them out of bed in the morning.Daters who are 50 and older tend to be less impulsive — and that's a good thing.By now we've collected enough life experience to know better than to fall for the first person we meet. We believe that it's still possible to find a fulfilling relationship — as long as we're willing to wait for the right person to come along. " force your mind to ask questions about such key issues as your partner's financial standing, dating history and relationship goals.If they’re still very hurt, angry, blaming or resentful, the chances are that they’re not ready for a new relationship.

So trust your instincts; they'll tell you, on the spot, whether the other person lights you up or not.It’s all too easy to get bogged down talking about the past, sharing childhood stories, relationship history and the back catalogue of your lives.This will give you plenty to talk about but may not leave either of you feeling as though you had a fantastic date.They show you’ve taken notice of what they’ve shared to date and that you’re keen to know more about them, rather than just talk about yourself.

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Talking about exes is a no-no on a first date but it’s not unusual for the subject to come up on a second date.Share your own passions and dreams and really allow yourself to shine.