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Common software methods in the early 1990s drew approximations from a lookup table.The key of the fast inverse square root was to directly compute an approximation by utilizing the structure of floating-point numbers, proving faster than table lookups.When the code was developed in the early 1990s, most floating-point processing power lagged behind the speed of integer processing.

* 2^ 63 0_10000000_01001110101100111011111 1.307430... * 2^ 1 Since this algorithm relies heavily on the bit-level representation of single-precision floating point numbers, a short overview of this representation is provided here. The approximation yielded by the earlier steps can be refined by using a root-finding method, a method that finds the zero of a function.

Adjustments and alterations passed through both Silicon Graphics and 3dfx Interactive, with Gary Tarolli's implementation for the SGI Indigo as the earliest known use.