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06-May-2020 02:09

A list of resources that help victims supplements the text.Your teenager may be busily asserting their independence, but as they navigate their way through college, jobs, socialising and relationships, they'll still – on occasion – need a helping hand from you.Most children live under their parents authority, in their parents homes, for about 1/4 of their lives.God promises to bless children with long life if they will obey and honor their parents.Program proponents should emphasize the curriculum's value in combating violence among students.Examples of Success and Results The Dating Violence Intervention Project (DVIP) grew out of a partnership between a treatment program for batterers and a shelter for victims.The Williston, North Dakota, Network Against Teenage Violence developed the curriculum When Love Really Hurts: Dating Violence Curriculum.

Twenty Massachusetts towns, including Salem [population 38,091], have developed programs modeled after DVIP, which trained police officers and school officials from 50 towns. In 1994, the Governor's Commission on Domestic Violence endorsed a plan to bring DVIP-inspired initiatives to additional communities through intervention programs for batterers, training for school staff, and inclusion of dating violence prevention workshops in conferences sponsored by the state's education department.

The home is under the authority of the parents and they have every right and responsibility to do these things listed above. But whether your parents show hyprocrisy or consistency, you are to obey and honor them.

If you have a stepmother or stepfather, you are to be subject to them, too (see Luke ).

This strategy trains youth to prevent dating violence.

Key Components This strategy involves starting programs that help teens of both sexes prevent dating violence; address relationship issues through school-based support groups for victims; provide intervention and counseling groups for offenders; train school and health care personnel so that they recognize signs of dating violence; and develop a curriculum that teaches teens how to recognize the signs of abusive behavior, get help, or help a friend in need.Adapted for use by school personnel, shelter workers, and youth advocates, the curriculum incorporates lessons and lectures, role playing, and storytelling.

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