Dating someone with anger management issues

28-Mar-2020 12:59

You may, for example, soon discover that they cannot tolerate criticism and, what's worse, that they see it everywhere.

No matter how hard you try, they misinterpret the most harmless and innocent statements, often taking it in a way you didn't mean.

You may also find that he or she keeps playing games.

The obvious example would be a constant ebb and flow of interest.

You may feel that none of this is sincere, neither the spite nor the love, that this person is so dominated by emotion, swept so helplessly along by it, that you have no idea who they really are.

This becomes even more obvious when they talk about their past, and especially about the in their past.

They may also dislike jokes made at their expense, no matter how gentle or harmless.

Such relationships often end when someone realizes they are spending most of their time placating and soothing the other person.

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Years later, emerging from the wreckage, they look back and wonder how they could have been so foolish. Unfortunately, blinded by lust, excitement, and hope, people are very good at deceiving themselves.

In other words, instead of enjoying their evening, they are preoccupied with trying to keep them happy and stable.

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