Dating squire bass

12-Jun-2020 07:04

of them seem to have basswood bodies and most of them use the identical same necks, hardware, etc..

The same seems to apply to the "Contemporary" MIJ Strats of this era as well.

Unfortunately there isn't a lot of specific information on these instruments other than that they are typically very good instruments.

I've never been able to find anything in regards to any specific differences between the Fenders and Squiers that came out of this plant..fact everything I've ever seen seems to indicate that there really aren't any differences at all.

In other words I -know- my '96 is a '96 because I bought it brand new in '96 and the neck and body stamps verify this.

With an older or used instrument though, if it's not marked there's no way to be absolutely certain.

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Certainly there have been some comments made in regards to the Contemporary MIJ's with the System 1 trems where the fine adjusters have a tendency to strip in general the instruments that came out of the Fuji Gen plant...For all I know that guitar may have not actually been sold new until '86 or '87 (or later)...there's just no way to know for certain. If you browse through Ebay ads of this nature you will often see instruments advertised simply as "E series Strat" and dated as an '84 to '87.

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