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09-Jan-2020 03:26

Think about the conflicts and obstacles you mentioned you've had.Have you grown stronger as a couple through them or have you grown apart?That's when to take a moment to truly listen to your intuition and listen to your heart.As Blaise Pascal wisely said, Sign-up to a free happiness newsletter at uk for more insights and grab a copy of Screw Finding Your Passion: It's Within You, Let's Unlock It, to connect with your whole being in a truly empowering way. If I had truly listened and acted on what I felt, I would not have lost so much that was precious to me.One can be a brilliant and educated writer and still learn later in life to listen to his or gut. I learned young that its better to be quiet when I have nothing nice to say. But whenever later time proves that their logic dragged them towards wrong direction & their intuition was pushing them towards right direction, then actually they start realizing that their heart/ intuition was that they should listen to & then even later when they do the things (breaking a relationship/ moving out from somewhere/ joining some other thing/ start doing what was their dreams & passion etc) they get that happiness back in their life - which they dreamt of!That's why people who have suffered due to ignoring their gut feelings - they mostly become very sensitive to the intuitions hence can guide correctly others & themselves based on their experiences.You know, author of previous comment is totally wright and you are wrong - author of previous comment did not write article, but article is written to get comment on it. She was wasting his time - taking him all the way to the wedding arrangement than to tell that for unexplained (!!!!So the fact that person left comment on article does not give you any right ask meaningless questions like “Are you perfect? ) reasons she doesn’t feel like marrying him anymore.

Meditation can help you listen to your intuition more closely because it connects you with your inner being physically, psychologically and spiritually.

The important thing to remember is that you know if your intuition is telling you something and then it is up to you to listen to it, even if it is painful to do so at the start.

It might be also easier to think about why your intuition is telling you "DO NOT proceed".

When I was 30 I married a woman who I knew was all wrong. Thank you so much for sharing your story Jameson - you were incredibly courageous and brave to do this after 2 decades. Are you certain that you'll be happy with your life five (ten, twenty, etc.) years from now?

She was abusive, emotionally absent, cruel and demeaning. I'm so happy to hear that you are now better off and happier. She did realize that she was about to make a mistake and listened to her gut BEFORE she married him. If you've answered 'no' to the aforementioned questions then you truly have no right to criticize how other people live their lives or question the author's credibility based on your illogical summation that she's not in position to help others because you don't approve of one of her life choices based on her level of education.) about that and not realising what she have done - is way too much.

Because of this, I believe there is true honesty on the site by those who take the time to complete their profiles in detail and the compatibility test.… continue reading »

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We gaan dan lekker geil met elkaar praten en elkaar op deze manier al een beetje opgeilen.… continue reading »

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