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And flirting is the way a person focuses the attention of a specific member of the opposite sex.

If our ancestors hadn’t done it well enough, we wouldn’t be around to discuss it now.

“Two people have to share with each other the information that they are attracted, and then test each other” on an array of attributes.

Simply announcing, ‘I’m attracted to you, are you attracted to me? “It works much better to reveal this and have it revealed to you in smaller doses,” explains Gangestad. So for Pete’s sake, why do they persist with the game?

A silent language of elaborate visual and other gestures, flirting is “spoken” by intellect-driven people as well as instinct-driven animals.

The very universality of flirting, preserved through evolutionary history from insects to man, suggests that a flirting plan is wired into us, and that it has been embedded in our genes and in our brain’s operating system the same way and for the same reasons that every other sexual trait has been-by trial and error, with conservation of what works best.

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All mammals and most animals (including birds, fish, even fruit flies) engage in complicated and energy-intensive plots and plans for attracting others to the business of sex. Single people flirt because, well, they’re single and therefore nobody is really contractually obliged to talk to them, sleep with them or scratch that difficult-to-reach part of the back. They’ve found themselves a suitable–maybe even superior–mate, had a bit of productive fun with the old gametes and ensured that at least some of their genes are carried into the next generation. Notice the quick little eyebrow raise you make, the sidelong glance coupled with the weak smile you give, the slightly sustained gaze you offer?Every come-hither look sent and every sidelong glance received are mutually understood signals of such transcendent history and beguiling sophistication that only now are they beginning to yield clues to the psychological and biological wisdom they encode.

The romantic notions that occupy the mind of young people often have proven in most cases to be unrealistic and harmful to those involved.… continue reading »

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